Friday, June 12, 2009

मोंकेय क्रोचेत

My friend's oldest daughter is having her first child soon, and is decorating her nursery in a monkey-theme. My first thought was--oh my, what on earth can I crochet in this theme??? I almost bailed out and made her an afghan in baby colors. With some help from my crochet partners message board I found this pattern. I loved it! It was so easy to follow and best of all--free. I think I can size it down to make a pacifier holder from the monkey head. I'd like to make a hat for the baby with the same yarn & theme. All single crochet--so it can't be but so hard. Here is the site:
Note that it appears to be a Japanese site and someone translated the pattern into English. Whoever did this did a great job & I found no errors in the pattern.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Easy Springtime Dress

I made this dress in just a couple of days--it was so easy! You can get the pattern for FREE at . It is pictured here on a very chubby 4 month old baby. Isn't she cute? Such a sweetie! The thread is one of my favorites: DMC senso in rainbow & white.