Monday, March 1, 2010

Easter Doily

This is a quick and easy doily from the magazine Crochet World, April 2010. There is a coaster pattern that goes with it, but with a #10 thread, the doily could pass for a coaster too. I love the over / under affect of the colored thread. I think it would look equally good in red / green for Christmas. I used #10 DMC Cebelia instead of the recommended Aunt Lydia's. I won't use anything else for thread work. It slides easily without tangling, and has a classy-looking sheen to the finished product. I also understand that it holds up well over time, for anything you want to be an heirloom. The balls look small, but there is thread packed on there. I can't believe how long one ball lasts!
The larger doily was made using DMC Senso Microfiber. It didn't come out as pretty, but then again the detail is lost by using a larger (#3) thread.