Friday, January 16, 2009

Christening Dress Update

I have been quite busy since the state fair. My father recovered from a brain tumor (& will celebrate his 83rd birthday in February!) Then there was Thanksgiving, January is half over! I am honored that someone on saw my Christening Dress & wants to purchase the pattern. I have been diligently working on crocheting a copy, and writing it down as I go. So far, it is going well considering this is a big first for me! Meaning--I have this thing that I never make the same thing twice! :) I love the challenge of making something new, and not being real sure what it will look like when I am done. In fact, I can't remember one thing I have made twice ever! (Well, baby boys I guess qualify--I have 4 of them). I never did finish posting all of the NC State Fair pictures, so I will add the ones of the Christening Dress to this post. I added a gold cross tot he front, tied with a ribbon, and pearls to the flowers to spruce it up a bit (from the previous posted pictures)

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