Saturday, July 18, 2009

Baby Bibs

These Baby Bibs I made for a special couple that I watched grow up. They are expecting their first child, soon after getting married & graduating college. This couple was longtime sweethearts that grew up in the church together. Something you thought you only read about in storybooks! Anyway, these bibs were made for their--boy or girl? and came from the Bernat website--free:
Super easy pattern. I altered it a little to make each just a little different. In one I sc, ch-1 (sk next st),sc across. It made a pretty pattern. I believe this is called the seed stitch.


freshpursuit said...

dear sandy.... very nice stuff u hv on ur blog....
i hv a doubt...y r sm of ur labels in hindi:? du know hindi...what is ur relation with indian language...just curious coz i am an india :)

Sandy said...

Thank you for your kind comments. I do not know why some of the labels are in Hindi. Thank you for visiting my blog and I will visit yours as well.